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One of my favorite child hood artists is now on  Ed Emberley’s thumbprint drawing books were very influential in getting me into drawing and art as a kid.  I really love his spoken and drawn narration style when he starts to explain his upbringing and how he got into illustration in his introduction video.

Getting to know Ed

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So it seems that the blog has taken something of a Summer break but don’t you fear it will be back up and running this coming week.  So look forward to the finished pictures of the Captain America Papercraft and if I can put it together a possible slide show showing the process of putting the said paper craft together.

Also, a few fellow artists of mine who have blogs:


Magnolia’s a great artist who graduated with me in ’09 with a degree in  Art Therapy.  She has various photos and artwork posted on her blog.  I’m thinking soon I’ll have to follow her lead and make some artist trading cards myself.

Boston Breakfast Sandwich Authority

The Bacon Phantom is a Graphic Designer colleague of mine who graduated with me in ’09.  Even though the blog is not your conventional art type of blog I would have to say the way he constructs his earlier sandwiches is something of an art form in itself.  Overall, it’s a hilarious and very entertaining blog, so check it out!

Bristling Beard

RyanDaly is another Graphic Design colleague who graduated with me in ’09.  His blog consists of his various drawings, inkings, literary musings, and most of all printmaking.  When he’s not busy riding his bike into traffic and growing out his beard to crazy lengths, he produces some great pieces of artwork.

All these websites and more are located on the blogroll section of this blog.  Enjoy checking out these other blogs and stay tuned for next week when Scribledude Design will be back up and running.

Until then enjoy your holiday weekend and if it’s not a holiday where you are enjoy your weekend none the less you all deserve it!

Well who would have known that being stressed out would lead to being productive.  After being stressed out for most of the morning I sat down and inked an entire page and made some major head way in the Captain America Paper Toy.




Cap’s looking pretty sweet so far considering he has no lower half and his stand is comprised of an Ugly Doll vinyl figure. Haha!

Maybe at some point I’ll throw up a few scans of the inks I’ve done for practice.

Just wanted to update you alls on whats been going on lately.

Since my last post I have dived back into the fun world of paper toys.  So far I’ve hit up all my old stomping grounds on the web and re-acquainted myself with whats been going on in the papertoyverse.

That’s when it hit me!  From that point I decided to challenge myself and take on a paper toy model that wasn’t your basic geometric shapes.  Instead I chose a paper toy that was created from a 3D model using Pepakura Designer.

Behold the 39cm Captain America papercraft!

Action PapertoysPhoto and paper toy courtesy of Action Papercrafts

So far it’s gone surprisingly well.  I’ve had to tweak my methods, but I have picked up a lot more expert techniques on how to handle bigger and more complex paper crafts.  I’m thinking I might take a few progress pictures and then post them all in a final post with a picture of the completed Captain America.

Wish me luck!

Was feeling a bit unproductive lately and decided to dive back into vector art with Illustrator and came up with a fun, cute, character.

Meet Chip…

So lately I’ve been fooling around and getting use to my Bamboo Tablet I’ve had for some time now.  I’d have to say that I’m slowly starting to get the hang of it, but I won’t be illustrating with it any time soon.

Thinking about it, it’s like I have opened the door to this totally new world inside Photoshop.  Layers seem fresh and new when drawing characters and just being able to scribble with an actual pen vs the mouse is absolutely fun.

A great stress reliever when you want to doodle quick and dirty.

Well that’s all for now.  I leave you with a quick sketch I did with a photo reference of Mega Man.

Mega Man Copyright Capcom

Well Scribledude Design has been a bit busy lately, but that doesn’t mean it’s disappeared completely.  Just wanted to post a few pics on a quick Ad I did recently for a friend.

Need a Tutor?

Need a Tutor?

So anyone need a tutor? Haha, well more to come when it comes.

#7 How Do You See Green?

How Do You See Green?

In conjunction with the Daily Musing project going on I give you Daily Design #7 How do you see Green?

The basic concept was to create an illustration around that phrase and bring it to life.  So here is what I would call a tree of life created with the help of various vector graphics packs and many vector designs from myself.

Thanks to Spoongraphics for their Free Vector Pack – Safari and Zoo Animals.


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