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Happy “Late” Thanksgiving to all!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and some time off to relax.  I know I did untill Black Friday came along and 3 am was a bit early to be shopping.  Although I did snag some sweet deals on DVDs, clothes, and video games.  So it was just another fun adventure into the insane battle arena that is Black Friday.

As of right now I’m back at the apartment and job searching as always and getting back into the design routine here.  A new portfolio book is in the works and other side projects / websites are being worked on.

Can You See What's Coming?Things To Come

Also Scribledude Design is up and running and the screenprinting section will be in and operational shortly.

Came across this really great article on how to improve your design skills by using some old Samurai wisdom and dedication.  Very inspiring and insightful.

How to be a Samurai Designer

Thats all for now. Take it easy!

“Life is the foremost source of inspiration.  Live to the fullest and it will show in your design work.” is UP! is UP! is UP!

Check it Out!

That is all…

So far so good.  The fan page is up at Facebook and is going to be up as soon as I can redesign the resume.

Also “Daily” Musings will be back in full swing once I have the site up and running smoothly.  Thirty Illustrations Here We Come!!  I’m pumped to be getting back into the swing of things with this project cause I’m excited to see the book that will result from it.

Last but not least, I’m shooting to get back into screen printing again.  I want to try to schedule a usual time for me to get into the screen printing facilities and get something produced for the holidays.  So far my ideas are , as usual, t shirts and maybe custom holiday cards.  Any other ideas people would want to see me screen print?

Thats all for now, Keep ya updated!

When did this happen?

Vector Tuts: Illustrator to SWF

Seriously I’ve must have been snoozing when it comes to additional features in Illustrator.  This tutorial teaches you how to make a great morphing effect by using Illustrator and exporting your final as a SWF.  So far I’ve been messing around with  it on and off today and it’s led to some interesting results.

Who knew Saturn was so hot?

Hot Saturn

WIP at the moment.  More to come!

Portfolio redesign is under way. So far I’m taking my old, drab, boring, grey portfolio website and sprucing it up with some color. The theme, as in most of my projects I’m noticing, is green hills and blue sky. So far it’s good to get out of the dark feeling of the last one, but I can already tell I’ll be making changes to this site.

The only tedious part of the site is going back to older work and tweaking it here and there to make it look better. It’s funny looking back at all the early work I did and seeing how much I didn’t know then compared to now. Simple shortcuts I could have used and techniques I didn’t know at the time clearly show through some of this stuff, but I’m glad I’ve taken the time to go over my older work and see how much I have grown as a graphic designer and illustrator.

So once this revamp of the website is done I think I’m going to be moving onto my thesis website and resizing it in order to get it up online.

Stay tuned!

So just added a new header.  I have to admit it’s fun customizing a blog.  Also it’s very new to me so I’m learning as I go.  Well as you can see up above here the new banner features the rolling green hills and a robot.  You know the usual environment you see a robot in, right? 

So far this robots been popping up in everything I do.  I think he wants to be the mascot or logo for the blog, so I’ll see how he does for the time being.

Also he doesnt’ have a name yet, any suggestions?

He’s also featured here:

Hello world indeed.  Well so far so good.  Just trying to figure out my way around this whole concept of blogging.  Figured it would be nice to try out and see how I fair in the writing category of life. 

So far I’m making sense, right? 

Oh wells, here goes nothing

Whats in my head?