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Portfolio redesign is under way. So far I’m taking my old, drab, boring, grey portfolio website and sprucing it up with some color. The theme, as in most of my projects I’m noticing, is green hills and blue sky. So far it’s good to get out of the dark feeling of the last one, but I can already tell I’ll be making changes to this site.

The only tedious part of the site is going back to older work and tweaking it here and there to make it look better. It’s funny looking back at all the early work I did and seeing how much I didn’t know then compared to now. Simple shortcuts I could have used and techniques I didn’t know at the time clearly show through some of this stuff, but I’m glad I’ve taken the time to go over my older work and see how much I have grown as a graphic designer and illustrator.

So once this revamp of the website is done I think I’m going to be moving onto my thesis website and resizing it in order to get it up online.

Stay tuned!

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