#6 Robots Are Coming

Robots Are Coming! hits the #6 slot with this eye catching poster.  The original idea just focused around the words robot with three robot heads in a row in the middle, but once I started working on it the ideas started flowing.  I wanted to capture something of a vintage feel of a 1950’s monster poster in a way, but with more of a modern overhaul of it.  So I used some three dimensional type for the top title, some old vintage textures for the poster itself, and sprinkled in some vector security cameras from a Go Media Zine pack.  So beware of the coming Robots!

#5 Pencil Logos

For Daily Design #5 I dove into logo design and wanted to create something to represent Scribledude Design.   So using a texture and some multiply and overlay affects you get these three samples.

#4 Dino Tribal Girl

Daily Design #4 started with the middle Tribal guy who came from a sketch while watching TV.  After tracing his face into Illustrator I experimented with the Gaussian blur effect and created up his body and then followed the same steps for the Dino and Girl.

#3 Super M

Super M Bubble

Daily Design #3 in which I played around with negative space and came out with this.  Kinda reminds me of those color blindness tests.

Any who, from here on out I’m going to title the posts with the number or the daily deviation numbers that are being posted, that way for future reference it’s easier to track down.

Here’s the first installment of the Daily Design.  So far there’s two to show since I’m trying to get back on track with the days since starting this late.

#1  Happy New Year

Magical New Years Mouse

Who doesn’t love the Magical New Years mouse?  This was created to be a wallpaper with the dimensions of 1600 x 1200.  Currently it’s sitting on my desktop but if others are interested I can post a link for download.

#2  Cramped Typography

Any Space In There?

My second installment I decided to have a little fun with varying type faces and spacing.  Since I wanted to cram in as many as I could I felt Cramped was an appropriate word to use for the situation.  A 10 x 10 inch square with who knows how many type faces are on there, feel free to count and let me know if you’d like.

That’s all for now, but keep a look out tomorrow for two more installments until I get back onto this Daily Design routine.

Take it easy

Hello all!   I hope everyone’s been having a good 2010 so far.

Sorry for the minor delay in updates, but life has been a little hectic and crazy during the holidays and I’ve been away from the computer for some time.

So for a new years resolution is for me to create a set schedule to get work done and for posts to be posted regularly.  My plan so far is to try to post two times a week and have one of those post include a picture of any work in progress or final images.

My other idea is to try out the daily challenge sent out my Smashing Magazine.

Design Something Every Day!

I’m thinking of attempting it for the month of January and weaving in the Daily Musings project into it to get me back on track.

Thoughts? Ideas? Questions?

Well that’s all for now and look forward for more posts coming this week.

Take it easy

A warm up illustration.  Just trying out a few new techniques and basically playing around.

More to Come!


So I’ve been reading a few articles on productivity and staying on task and it made me rethink my own methods and re-evaluate how some of them work.

Create a Morning Writing Ritual – FreelanceSwitch

10 Ways to Eliminate Distractions – FreelanceSwitch

The Freelancers Guide to Getting Into Flow – FreelanceSwitch

For the most part I’ve always been a list kind of person.  I’ll make a list for today’s work to be done and organize it by priority or due date of the assignment.  This has worked out for the most part, but the downside for me is having the messy desk and of course losing said list I just created.  I have also seen that my productivity is increased when I automatically take a shower first thing after getting out of bed.  Instead of being lazy and staying in my pjs all day, I lead a better, more productive day when I’m awakened by a blast of hot water and teeth brushing.

So after reading those few articles I have come to the conclusion that productivity spans farther than the simple list “To Do Today” and a warm shower.  I have revamped my methods and decided to incorporate all my new tips into my routine.

New Plan:

Morning: Wake up and get some exercise.  Weather it be a half an hour or an hour of running and weight lifting.  Take that warm shower I mentioned and get a good breakfast in me.  Instead of automatically going to facebook, deviantart, or whatever else that will throw me off track I’ll start writing for this blog and try to get 2-3 topics ready for future posts.

Day: After getting the morning routine off to a good start I’ll continue with a good lunch and continue job hunting / freelance job searching.  Follow it up with at least an hour of practicing doing anything graphic design or illustration related.  I’ve mostly been looking up design tutorials and either learning a new skill or refining an old technique to better achieve success through it.  Then after an hour of practice I’ll continue to work on previous assignments and daily projects that are in works.

Night:  Since the night-time seems to be when I relax the most it is only assumed I keep up with the trend of seeing it as non work/ relaxing time, but that doesn’t mean I should just sit around like a couch potato and watch tv for hours instead.  I’m limiting tv to just shows I know I like and I’m going to watch and try to focus more of my free time on basic drawing and free time illustration.  Thinking about it, why haven’t I started this sooner?

So overall this is my new productivity routine which has being going pretty well.

I’m interested in hearing any and all thoughts.

So what do you do to increase productivity in your life and work?

Is there any tips or suggestions you think I should be doing to increase my productivity more than what I am doing?

Take it easy

– Mike

Happy “Late” Thanksgiving to all!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and some time off to relax.  I know I did untill Black Friday came along and 3 am was a bit early to be shopping.  Although I did snag some sweet deals on DVDs, clothes, and video games.  So it was just another fun adventure into the insane battle arena that is Black Friday.

As of right now I’m back at the apartment and job searching as always and getting back into the design routine here.  A new portfolio book is in the works and other side projects / websites are being worked on.

Can You See What's Coming?Things To Come

Also Scribledude Design is up and running and the screenprinting section will be in and operational shortly.

Came across this really great article on how to improve your design skills by using some old Samurai wisdom and dedication.  Very inspiring and insightful.

How to be a Samurai Designer

Thats all for now. Take it easy!

“Life is the foremost source of inspiration.  Live to the fullest and it will show in your design work.”

Whats in my head?