Just wanted to update you alls on whats been going on lately.

Since my last post I have dived back into the fun world of paper toys.  So far I’ve hit up all my old stomping grounds on the web and re-acquainted myself with whats been going on in the papertoyverse.

That’s when it hit me!  From that point I decided to challenge myself and take on a paper toy model that wasn’t your basic geometric shapes.  Instead I chose a paper toy that was created from a 3D model using Pepakura Designer.

Behold the 39cm Captain America papercraft!

Action PapertoysPhoto and paper toy courtesy of Action Papercrafts

So far it’s gone surprisingly well.  I’ve had to tweak my methods, but I have picked up a lot more expert techniques on how to handle bigger and more complex paper crafts.  I’m thinking I might take a few progress pictures and then post them all in a final post with a picture of the completed Captain America.

Wish me luck!